Subliminal abstract : the works are recollections, memories, abstractions of life, loves and childhood


dance me to the end of love: acrylic, spray paint on canvas

100x100cm  2019

The wreck of the Hesperus: Triptych  3  hand made boxes with found objects 

6x6 inches   2016



in at the deep end:  oil, spray paint, crayon on canvas

50x50cm   2016 recycled



23 feisty fishes: oil,  mixed media, textile ,canvas

40x 40cm  2016 


 23 feisty fishes:  mixed media, textile 40x40cm   2010


 oil mixed media, hand made paper in a box frame:  

22 x 22cm  2016  sold private collector UK


Sold : Dutch private collector

22 x 22cm   2016 

22 x 22cm 2016  sold private collector UK



atonement : acrylic,, mixed media,  photo montage on canvas

50x70cm  2015


je ne regrete rien: acrylic, mixed media on canvas

50x70cm  December 2012

selected  finalist in the  Saatchi Art online showdown  competition "in living colour"

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to                                           washed up blues
3D art: found objects, mixed media  50x70cm  

triplets:  sold to a collector in Chicago 

Sinfonia One :  acrylic on paper
 50x70cm 2013

sisters: acrylic mixed media mounted on canvas

50x70cm April  2012