Figure,  portrait:  images created in different media acrylic, ink, collage, photo

self portrait: oil on canvas  80x80cm 2019

Barry portrait collage on paper  2021

Jessie:  portrait commission acrylic on canvas 20x 30cm   2021
sold collector UK

Jessica: collage 2022 50x50 cm  2022

Jessica : collage 50x50cm 2022

Tina: oil on canvas  40x40cm  commission sold  Dutch collector

The Boudoir commission :   oil, pastels, spray on canvas 
( tribute to Pierre Bonnard)
50x70cm    2020
Sold  private collector Spain

Just waiting for you:  portrait Ginge
acrylic, mixed media on canvas
60x80cm 2020 

Talulla portrait:   acrylic, mixed media on canvas
60x80cm  2020

Sophie and Alex portrait commission  
oil on canvas 30x30cm  2020
Sold collector UK

Sophie and Alex portrait : commission oil on canvas 40x40cm 2021 sold collector UK

Barry portrait: mixed media , collage  on canvas 2022

sinfonica: acrylic on canvas  after Matisse 60x80cm  2019

Corelli's mandolin : acrylic on canvas after Della Francesca 50x70cm  2010
Sold private collector Holland

Miss Molly and little Tuffet:  acrylic on canvas  50x70cm  2019 recycled

can't see me:  acrylic, spray paint on canvas
30x60cm 2018 ( basd on mobile upload of Sophie)

she's leaving home:  collage , mixed media on paper
2017 ( woman on a train, London)

Sophie: drawing on board 2017

Sophie: full figure drawing 2017


a second chance to shine: oil, acrylic, mixed media, collage

50x70cm   2015     ( girl on a train, London)  sold to a private 

collector , London, UK


she's leaving home painting : acrylic on canvas

 50 x 70cm 2014

photograph: girl on a tube train , London

Africa collection 2014

Guess who's coming to dinner
oil on canvas   65x36cm

acrylic on canvas paper  75x32cm
 Sold   private collection UK

Playing real good for free:   ( Busker   Bath, UK)
 donated to Cambaya Blues club, Antequera, Spain 2015
 acrylic on canvas paper   45x60cm

Saffron: acrylic, mixed media on board and frame  50x50cm  2013
(portrait of Lee  Ferguson  figure  drawing workshop)