Italy: paintings mixed media.  

what did the Romans ever do for us? 

acrylic, mixed media collage

  ( Roman aqueduct, Segovia, Spain)

50x70cm  2015

horizontal red:  acrylic on canvas

120x120cm   2015    Sold private collection  

( Roman Aqueduct, Segovia, Spain)

box paintings:

acrylic, mixed media on ceramic tile

15x15cm 2011 




 acrylic mixed media on ceramic tile          

   you're so vain  sold private collection 2011                                          sold ( collector Cambridge UK)

ying yang southend on sea  Sold (private collcctor London)

February 2017

Eyes Wide Shut acrylic on paper                      

 Overdressed acrylic on paper

50x70cm      2011                                      50x70cm      2011

The boatman: acrylic on canvas                                             Mascarada: acrylic, mixed media on paper

   Sold ( private collection Australia)                                       50x70cm   2011

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