Look East: the images are inspired by textiles, 

miniature painting, fresco and folk art

Paintings 2022: Tribal/ Folk

make love not war: oil, spray paint, ink om canvas  50x70cm              ( recycled canvas)  2022 

fish frolic: oil, ink on canvas  45x37cm   2022 ( recycled canvas)

a perfect complexion: oil, acrylic, ink on canvas 50x60cm  ( recycled canvas) 2022

bird of paradise 2: acrylic, spray paint on canvas  ( recycled canvas) 2022

exodus : acrylic, ink   26x26cm  ( recycled canvas) 2022

containment: oil , ink on canvas   90x90cm  

reworked 2021

the embrace: acrylic on canvas 40x40cm  2021

afternoon raag: acrylic on canvas  40x40cm  2021

white elephant: acrylic mixed media on canvas

50x70cm  2021

bird of paradise: mixed media, textile, collage on canvas

20x 60cm  2020

elephant: mixed media,textile collage on canvas

20 x 60cm 2020

fishes: mixed media, textile, collage on canvas

20x60cm 2020

2 elephants and the tree of life:

 acrylic, spray paint, pen

Motif  Indian folk art

80x100cm 2020

Indian folk art

Motif as above: acrylic,marker pen

50x70cm  2020

group 7: acrylic on canvas   70x 100cm


sold collector UK London   Saatchiart.com

wooden box:  The offering    mixed media   18x20cm  2020

sold private collector Spain

dos ventanas tree of life:  inspiration Indian Tapestry. Commission for bedroom wall . Sold Private collector Spain

 oil, spray paint on canvas 


collages inspired by Angkor Wat Cambodia

Pilgrims:  acrylic, oil, spray paint   95 x 80cm  2020

paintings  inspired by trip to India February 2018

she brings me Tibetan tea: acrylic, spray paint on canvas

90 x 60cm  2018

Dera Mandawa: acrylic, ink on canvas

70x70cm  2018

garamasala: acrylic, paper, spray paint on canvas

50x70cm  2018

elephant: acrylic on canvas

70x70cm 2018

you were never here: collage, acrylic 40x60cm 2019

peppermint: acrylic spray paint on canvas

60x80cm  2017


  poster for exhibition March -September 2016 

  in the Bar /Bistro " La Esquina Concha"

  Villanueva De La Concepcion

 some of  the following paintings are featured in the exhibition:


 Small ceramic tile paintings:  oil, ink, mixed media, hand made  paper , ceramic tile on canvas

18 x 18 inches   ( Persian miniature painting)

  9 fishes, bamboo,  amorosa below:

9 fishes detail 



mr jones : oil, mixed media on canvas   


Garden of Eden      collage on handmade paper    Ventana exotica

15 x 50cm  2011

sold: private collector UK

icon: oil, mixed media on canvas 

Sold: private collector UK

cinnamon and saffron

 2012 Sri Lanka collection
Cinnamon and Saffron:  ink, handmade paper from elephant dung (elephant sanctuary Sri Lanka)


Sketch:    Dambulla:  ink water colours on hand made paper
2013- donation to " Clinic of Integrative Medicine"

 Lovers : finalist in Saatchi Art online competition

Sold: private collection

collage handmade paper and ink

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