The paintings are inspired by people and places from my sketchbook images and photographs  in Morocco
flyaway peter flyaway paul: collage, acrylic on canvas paper:
54x44 cm  2017

Lost and Found: oil, mixed media on canvas   40x50cm
2014 sold collector Spain

2013 Red Collection:   
 aurora   oil on canvas 50x70cm

finalist: "certificate of excellence" Palm Art Award " Germany

turkish moon:   sold  private collector UK
oil on canvas 50x70cm 2013

the tent: ink, handmade paper collage
 35x35cm 2011

there is no looking back
 acrylic, mixed media on paper 50x70cm  2011
finalist in Saatchi Art online competition

high altitude
acrylic on paper 50x70cm 2011

sketch  still life
pen ink on paper 2011 sold private collection Morocco