The radiant light and golden hues of Andalucia are interpreted in these landscape paintings . Many of the paintings are images from the beautiful countryside of Santa Maria Del Cerro, near Villanueva De La Concepcion where I now live.

Tribal 3: oil ,ink on canvas ( recycled canvas) 2022

Pink Flamingo: oil on canvas 100x100cm 

desert odyssey: acrylic, ochre  on canvas    80x 60cm

Indian market reworked: acrylic, spray paint on canvas  40x40cm

Into the dusk: acrylic on canvas  40x40cm

white hollyhocks:  acrylic, oil on canvas
50x70cm  2020

Santa Maria del Cerro    collage ,oil on canvas 2020  Sold Private collector Holland

Terrace  Santa Maria del Cerro:   collage, oil on canvas 2020  Sold private collector Holland

Vista Almogia: acrylic on canvas  50x70cm  2020   Sold private collection Spain

laguna: acrylic on canvas ( recycled)
80x60cm  2018

skyline:  acrylic, ink ,spray paint on canvas
20x20cm mounted on pale green board on white canvas
2016 ( sold collector Spain)

love island: acrylic, ink, spray paint
20x20cm mounted n pae green board on white canvas
2016 Beach Malaysia)

the refuge:  acrylic, ink ,spray paint
20x20cm on canvas mounted on pale green canvas
2016  sold  private collector Spain

dreaming: acrylic, ink, spray paint  on canvas
20x20cm canvas mounted on pale green canvas



  ink, acrylic, ochres on canvas

   55 x 50 cm    Dec. 2015    ( castle Toledo, Spain)

 Sold private collector Spain

they who seemed they would always be: acrylic, ochres, ink on canvas   ( beach Africa )

 84x75cm  2015

shoreline of odd stuff:  acrylic on canvas

84x84cm  2015 ( Cornwall,  England )


oil , mixed media on canvas 90x90cm  2011

( Australia)


red heat  white light:

 ochre, mixed media on paper   60x70cm  2011

 Australian red desert


A piece of the mountain:  ink, mixed media on canvas 
 26x26cm 2013  ( Australia)

hollyhocks: oil on canvas  ( Cortijo del Cerro, Andalucia Spain)

Sold  private collector Sicily

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